E-Commerce platform strategies – A digital ladder for Business


E-Commerce platform:- In this era, no one really wants to go physically to shops or malls to purchase different things. In this time people are busy with many things and thus don’t have much time. Customers now want all the things either on their doorstep or on their mobile phones. Thus E-Commerce platform come into play, to help people in this process.

What is an E- Commerce platform?

Any platform which allows retail chains to float their products on it and which acts as a digital medium between customers and retail stores can be termed as an E-Commerce platform. Some examples of E-Commerce platforms are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy etc. These platforms are proved example that running business through e-commerce platform can be helpful.

Some E-Commerce Classifications

There are basically four types of e commerce business models. They are based on the nature of transactions.

It can be classified as follows-

Business to Business (B2B) – It involves transaction of business between two different businesses. For example when a manufacturer sells their goods to wholesalers, then here B2B transaction takes place.

Business to Consumer (B2C) – In this two parties are involved business and consumer. Example are Amazon and Flipkart.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – In this both buyer and seller are consumer. It makes a perfect sense in today’s digital era. It is basically mobile e commerce. Here individual can sell their content online. Example is OLX.

Consumer to Business (C2B) – Here customer basically sends goods to a business. It is opposite to B2C model.

Strategies play a major role in E-Commerce platform

We know that e-commerce platform is a great medium today which provides consumers a medium to purchase products online.

But it requires many different strategies which help boost the e-commerce platform. Some of them are –

Boost product visualization- product visualization plays a major role in increasing the sale of products. The better the product will look more appealing it will be to the customers. According to a study, customers reported an increase in sales by 25-30% when using 3D over normal imaging.

E-Commerce platform

Add Video – Videos if added on e- commerce platform makes consumers more engaged. Video when added provides a complete and more clear picture to consumer about the product. Quality of video also plays a major role in getting traffic and getting more conversion rate.

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is another important thing which boost sales on e-commerce platforms. With the help of AI it lets one know how the platform will work in future based on past performance. It lets us know what is the behavior of consumers towards our platform and what is chance that customer will return or not on the website. It also provides many information like conversion rate, bounce rate and engagement rate which proves to be vital insight for identifying the effectiveness of your site for consumers.

Delivery option needs to be flexible –  the majority of consumers nowadays want to go with the products which provide them with suitable delivery options and in near time. Delay in delivery or late delivery can be a turn off for the consumers. So proper delivery time and on time delivery makes a good image in customers mind and thus they feel good.

Smooth payment process – The payment method and its process plays a major role in boosting sales and providing good consumer experience. Smoother the process will be better will be consumer experience and thus the likeliness of consumer regular visit on your platform increases by many times. Payment process needs to be easy and smooth so that consumers never feel exhausted.


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