Creating short content – New trend in Marketing


Creating short content:- In this fast paced life, everyone needs things in a faster way and in minimum time. Today the competition is not only limited to just creating good content or providing good things to the public, but how efficiently you present it to them and how crisp and easy it is for the viewers or users to digest those things is the main thing today. People get attracted to those things which are of short duration and with all information attached to it. If you can present yourself in a crisp way to the public, then it is the best thing one can do to attract the audience.

When Started

Twitter is the first to bring the concept of short text content platform in year 2006. Twitter gained huge popularity among many people and in different businesses. After this came short video related content like Vine, then later came Instagram, TikTok and so on. All these social platforms brought a new concept of short entertainment. Before this there was only a single concept that the more your content the better it is. No one ever thought that shorter things can also look impressive.

Long Content VS Short Content

Long content also provides information, it is also beneficial but only till the time when people have time. Longer content is only beneficial to those who are free enough to check out all written, posted or published. Also it requires a person’s full focus during the time they read or watch long content.

On the other hand, short contents are time saving, informative and to the point. Audiences like those things which provide them every information in less time and cover all essential points. Vine is a great example of it. Also there are many short stories nowadays which are proving more appealing to users or audiences.

Trending nowadays |Creating short content

Short content is the new call of market. Today no one is sitting idle to see huge content filled with lots of stuff. No one has time today to deep study your 5 page content or 40 minutes video.

Today’s trend is converting 5 page content to 1 page content and 40 minutes video to 4 minute video. The new generation is a fast moving generation and so they demand things to the point and crisp.

We can also see that every platform today is accepting this new change and trying to upgrade themselves by creating short video and story concepts. Also YouTube now has short videos concept with name ‘Stories’. On Instagram there is a concept of ‘Reels’, where short videos are published.

Also research has shown that people are losing interest in longer contents and their focus time is reducing day by day. Nowadays it has been found that people focus on a content remains only for 4-5 seconds, so it has become need of the hour to start making contents crisp, clear and informative which can actually engage users and remain relevant to them.

These are the things which also lets us know as an individual that to capture one’s attention and full focus, we need to be to the point whenever or whatever we deliver and it needs to be crisp and clear. Motto of message, cause of message, who are the relevant audience, all these things needs to be very clear to the person who is watching or reading it.


Also we must not forget that this concept of creating short content is called Microblogging, which is the new demand of the market. Any business can attract thousands of audience by promoting their content with the help of microblogging, and we provide all such services, which can take your business and ideas to new heights. Our expert team at is well experienced and will provide you these things as per your requirements and customization.

So what are you waiting for, start this trending concept to get more audience and to increase your visibility in the market. Shorter content is the call of time and we must not waste our time in over thinking things. Expand your business, ideas and knowledge to more and more people with this new concept of creating content. Stay safe and keep growing yourself.

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