How to Build A Social Media Marketing Funnel For Bloggers

Social Media Marketing Funnel

Social Media Marketing Funnel:- Social media is an integral part of any business, it has made a large presence over the audience and with various techniques.

At present almost all individuals are making use of social media either of attaining useful information and to generate revenue.

To this most people are into blogging, as it serves as a great way of generating leads and income.

Social media is one of the best ways to reach an audience all over, so implementing the right technique is what you need to go with.

If you are a blogger or want to establish yourself towards marketing then you need to have firm knowledge on what techniques you need to focus on.

To combat this there are lot many marketing techniques that are helpful. One of those social media marketing funnel for bloggers

Social Media Marketing Funnel Importance

We all know how beneficial a marketing funnel is. It is helpful to generate leads or to convert potential visitors into clients.

Also, there is a social media marketing funnel technique for bloggers. However, inbuilding the one towards your blogging will be helpful.

It will help you to create your presence and awareness among the audience.

We all know how important the marketing funnel is. It is very beneficial to develop your presence and reach a wider audience.

The same is the way to go with the social media marketing funnel-

It has 4 stages to make you grow well.

Social Media Marketing Funnel Stages

  • Awareness 

The first stage helps you in the awareness of you, what your blog is about towards the audience.

This also contains connecting with the people through social media you are not aware of.

To do this you can create a short video that will help the prospect to know about you and your work.

 Social Media Marketing Funnel

Blog content and advertisement will help you for pulling cold traffic with the help of a funnel.

  • Engagement And Consideration

Here you need to connect with your followers with the help of comment and content.

By connecting with them you will be able to know the ratio about your potential clients and the conversion towards leads.

Social media is a powerful platform to connect with a wide range of audience. It is way more helpful for bloggers to present their ideas and establish their business.

If you have a meaningful interaction then you will be able to hold on with the potential clients.

You can post different types of content and connect with the larger audience you want to.

  • Action/Conversion

This stage involves the purchasing of the product or the services. This will be helpful for you to be on generating loads of leads.

The growth of business happens only when you reaching them with conversion. This will help you to gain potential clients rather than your competitors.

Also, you can in building the email with social media to gain traffic and potential lead generation.

  • Loyalty

It is a known fact that you can develop a stronger effect on the client you are working with.

It can be easier for you to work with them rather than focusing on a new client. Also, it does not mean that you should stop focusing on the new one.

Towards this, you can work on advertising ads. You can serve the customers with discounts and coupons.

Also, involve the cross-sell products and with exclusive products and offers.

All of the above marketing funnel techniques of social media will help you to roll over with the new and old customer.

You will be able to interact with new customers and also be able to lead your business.

Measuring Of Social Media Marketing Funnel

Understanding this stage is very essential, you need to measure the metrics rather than the monitoring of the audience.

You can monitor followers interactions beyond social media including emails and signs up as well.

Also with the help of web analytics and google tag manager, you will be able to track individual interactions and conversion.


When you are building a Social Media Marketing Funnel, you will be able to create relevant content on your blog and social media as well.

By following all the above techniques you will be able to grow towards your blogging career.

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