10 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework


Best PHP Framework:- Have you ever speculated how the website functions? What all exactly happens behind the user interface that you interact with.

For back end server development different frameworks can be used but out of all one of the best is the Best PHP framework.

PHP is considered one of the most prevalent languages that are used in the backend server development process.

To this Laravel is the best PHP Framework to be considered.

If you are curious to know about it, then we are here to let you know how Laravel works and why it is considered the Best PHP Framework?

Laravel has become one of the popular choice among developers and businesses when it comes to web development.

With the help of its widespread features, it can generate scalable and robust web applications for different types of businesses.

Reasons To Choose Laravel For Your Business |Best PHP Framework

Laravel offers developers to create all kinds of web applications including small to large enterprises applications.

It comes with an ample amount of features that helps the developers to work around it.

Let us know what are the top 10 features of Laravel and why it is considered as the PHP framework.

  • MVC Support

It is known to support the MVC architectures like those of Symfony.

Symfony aids in safeguarding the clarity between the logic and presentations. Besides this, it helps in improving the overall performance of the website, documentation process along with multiple functionalities.

  • Artisan

Laravel comes with a build-in tool name called Artisan, usually, a developer has to interact with a Laravel framework using a command line.

This is where the role of Artisan comes into play.

The tool allows us to perform the majority of the tasks that is avoided from the developer’s end.

  • Verification Techniques

When it comes to web development, developers have to take care of every aspect to give a superlative result.

With the help of Laravel, it makes the verification process very simple.

It provides an easy way to control and organize authorization logins.

  • Security And Safety

When it comes to web development everyone has to take care of its security. Securing an application is the first and foremost step that needs to be considered.

Here Laravel takes the prime concern about safety.

It makes use of a salted and hashed password that simply means that password will not get saved as plain text in the database.

 best PHP framework

Working as the best PHP framework help you to keep your data secured.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

One of the prime reason that makes Laravel the best PHP framework is its Object-Oriented Libraries.

You will not be able to find out this in another PHP framework. The pre-installed libraries are the Authentication library.

It is very easy to implement and comes up with advanced features.

  • Migration Of Database

With the help of Laravel, the Migration Of Database comes with ease. In the case of Laravel, you keep all of your database work in migration and seeds.

With the help of these features, you will be able to migrate the changes into any other development machine.

This makes Laravel the best PHP framework.

  • Amazing Tutorials

If you or your developer is looking for help then Laravel has come up with its amazing tutorial feature known as Laracasts. It is a mixture of free and paid video tutorials.

With the help of the videos, you will be able to know how can you use Laravel.

  • Blade Templating Engine

The Blade Templating Engine features of Laravel is very spontaneous and it works with HTML/ PHP spaghetti.

This is yet another feature of Laravel.

  • Responsible Interface

With the release of Laravel 5.5, Responsible Interface is one of the new feature added in Laravel.

It is known as the class which is mainly used to implement the interface which can be later returned by using the controller method.

  • Package Discovery 

In old packages of Laravel at the time of web development, it was not easy to install them. But with Laravel 5.5, a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery can detect packages automatically.

The popularity of Laravel is on the rise because of its widespread features. As a business owner if you are looking to find the best framework for web development, then at present Laravel is one of them.

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