10 Mistakes to Avoid In UI Design And How To Evade Them

Mistakes to Avoid In UI Design:- When you are building a website the most important part comes up to fill it with appropriate colour code and high-quality images.

To do this there can be the time you can perform certain mistake, now this is what you need to keep in mind.

To create high-quality products and to portray them there are many things which need to be kept in mind.

Even experts can go through several mistakes which can destroy the entire designing process.

If anything goes wrong in term of designing then it might be the case that users do not connect with you.

There are certain things which need to be kept in mind that-

  • The layout should be creative and attractive.
  • A web page should take only 2 seconds or even less open.
  • A good user experience matters a lot
  • If your website is degraded then it will come under legit or people can stop trusting it.

The business at present is dependent upon the users and how you engage with them. So it is necessary for you to get connected while completing all of the above points.

So let us tell you what are the 10 common mistakes you can make in UI design and how can they be corrected.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In UI Design

Unresponsive Design 

Responsive/user-friendly website is one of those which almost all user look towards. It has to be done properly. At present 90% of the users use a mobile phone to reach their services and products, in that case, if a user is not able to get in touch with the responsive website then it could be a loss for you.

A responsive website makes your design to be flexible and can be accessed by users of all dimension with the help of their phones.

What To Avoid It

Try to be responsive towards the website so that users can engage it without any hassle.

Ignore Cluttered Layout Of Website 

It may happen sometimes that as a designer you can love your work, but what about users? Well, it might not be so. The clustered website can be disturbing from a user point of view. 

 So we always recommend that a website should be neat and tidy as it is the digital face of your business.

What To Avoid It

As a designer one should focus that there are not too many elements and make it precise and attractive.

In this way, it will help the user to get indulged with the website and also connect with you.

Never use more than 3 colours in your design.

Unintuitive Navigation |Mistakes to Avoid In UI Design

After the removal of all clusters, you should focus on removing the unnecessary elements.

What To Avoid It

All information should be in logical order. The heading should convey your message.

The navigation of the website should be clear.

Uninviting CTAs

CTAs should be able to condense all of your power in a single button. It should mention clicking here.

What To Avoid It

You need to avoid too many colours as it should go with the purchasing power and also to attract the users.

Generic Imagery

Visual plays a vital role when it comes to branding, you should always use colour and images which can help user to connect with the brand. You can position your image in such a way that it directs the user attention towards CTA.

What To Avoid It

There is no need to place false images which can make the audience go.

Negligence Of Social Proof | Mistakes to Avoid In UI Design

There should be a place of social proof towards your website as it will help users to connect with your brand. Most of the designer fails to do soYou should not do so. There are 70 of the consumer who looks towards the review before purchasing any product.

What To Avoid It

You should avoid thinking that social proof is not a necessary part. They need to be implemented in a website to make users reach you in a healthy manner.

Too Much Of Contents

Having too much content on the website will not help you. Users need to have precise and valuable content to get towards your services.

What To Avoid It

Most of the visitors leave the website because there is too much content. So you should avoid placing unnecessary content on the website.

Slow Loading Time Of Page

If a website is taking too long to open then it might be the case that you can lose your potential lead.

What To Avoid It

You need to fix the loading time of the website so that it can open fast.

User To Think 

Your one and major goal is to convert the users into the lead and this can be done when you give them something innovative.

What To Avoid It

You need to be precise in content, decent layout and with limited colours

Designing For Yourself

If you are making mistakes in your design then it can affect you, Consider you as a user and design the layout.

What To Avoid It

You should avoid the part that it is just a job for you. If you are giving your 100% then you must think that if you will go towards the website then all things need to be taken care of.

All of the above 10 are the mistakes that usually can be made when it comes to designing UI. Also, there are relevant solutions given for each one of the problems. So as a UI designer you can take care of all the points.

A website is the face of business and hence it should be presented by you while keeping all the user’s point.

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