The Six Best Blogging Platforms For Beginners


Blogging Platforms For Beginners:- Are you looking to start with blogging, is writing makes you move towards your passion? If yes, then you have lot many platforms through which you can kick start your blogging.

You can consider different platforms through which you will be able to kick start your blogging life. Here you need to know which one is suitable for you and which not.

As there are the different mindset of people and each one of them have their requirement. So you can consider choosing the one you want or.

Before that let us know what makes you start with your blogging life?

There are many benefits of starting blogging and to those some of them are-

You want to demonstrate authority

Make money online

Write a journal

Once you are sure about your blogging purpose then you can begin to find out the one platform you are in a need of.

In continuation with this, we are making you aware of the top 6 blogging sites which can help you to start with your career.

  1. is one of the widely known blogging platforms which is being used by millions of people all around. It was originated as the blogging platform but now has been converted towards a content management system. If you as a blogger want to start with your career then considering it is one of the beneficial steps.


You will have full control of your blog

Can be easily customize

Easy to integrate with google analytics

Blogging Platforms For Beginners


To secure your data and backup is your prime responsibility.

  • comes with ease and anyone can set up their account if are in a need to start with blogging. It has a lot many website templates to offer you and also work fast. With few clicks, you can customize your website and also you can add images, custom button and social media buttons.


With the help of drag and drop builder, it is easier for you to start with the platform.

You can add unlimited pages.


Functionality is limited as compared to another platform.

Later if you want to switch to another platform then you can face difficulty.

  • Constant Contact Builder | Blogging Platforms For Beginners

The platform is an AI-powered builder which helps to create your site and blog in few clicks. Here the one step you need to perform is the synchronization of your website with your Facebook page. After that, you can choose the template and start with your blogging.


Because of the AI, it is very easier for you to set up a blog with a constant contact builder.

It comes with a free limited plan.

Availability of analytics


Here no third party extension is allowed

If you want to get connected to a domain name you have to move towards its subscription plan.

  • Gator Website Builder

Gator Website Builder is considered as one website which helps you to go towards your passion. When it comes to blogging you need to showcase your talent and to this blogging platforms are the best of all option. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional the platform is beneficial for both.


Here you will get free domain name registration.

There are 200 optimized designs.

Contain access to analytics, tools and social media


It is not free of cost, you have to pay the amount asked.

It also offers limited customized options.


If you are looking to start a free blog then WordPress is one of the valuable spots for you. It is free and you can anytime start building your blogs with WordPress. Also, you can upgrade your subscription, storage to carry forward your work.


There are no such steps required where you can get stuck.

No need to spend single money


Here you will not be able to monetize your blog.

if you want to add a custom domain name then you will have to upgrade your account.


Blogger is one of the free blogging platforms by Google, here you can create a new blog with ease and start with your career. In addition to this, you can also monetize your blog with affiliates and AdSense. There are different pros and cons which you need to know before opting for the platform.

We are making you aware of this because it will help you to get through all of your requirements.


You can easily step up the blog and you do not have to require any cost.

You can make use of custom domains


Disadvantages | Blogging Platforms For Beginners

Besides this, there is a limit to customization.

You will not have the ability to add enhanced functionalities

All of the above 6 blogging platforms are very convenient to start with your career in blogging. Besides this choose the one according to your requirement so that you do not have to face any problem later.

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