Chatbot Marketing In 2021: How To Use Chatbots and Best Practices


Chatbot Marketing:- Voice bots and data analytics are set to rule in 2021, to some extent these have made a place in the industry.

Chatbots have changed the way companies were communicating. It is said that chatbot’s market size is projected to grow $9.4 billion by 2024.

Chatbots can be used by digital marketers to answer various of their requirements. It has the potential features to identify clients’ needs and supports all of the needs.

  • It is helpful in customer support
  • Lead generation
  • Sales management

It also allow the business to spend more time on different areas to understand their needs and fulfil them. Chatbots are known as the imminent of digital communication. Earlier chatbots were available to answer general queries but they are now able to measure human sentiments and intent easily.

Features Of Chatbots Towards Marketing

Many features help chatbots to be a valuable marketing technique at present time.

Let us look to some of them-

  • They are known to offer information 24×7 in multiple languages.
  • Able to answer multiple users at the same time
  • Offering a consistent answer to customers so that they are well aware of the product and services they are in a need of.

Chatbots are easily accessed online with the help of website pop-ups or can be done through virtual assistance. The different categories to which they can be used are- health, news, entertainment, eCommerce, finance and education.

Building Of Chatbots Towards Different Marketing Strategy

If chatbots are inspiring you then you can manage to create them on your own. Here are some of the simple tips that will be valuable to you in case of creating chatbots.

Need to define goals | Chatbot Marketing

At first, you need to indicate the function your chatbots needs to go with, in this way you will be clear about your goal and proceed further.

Channel for interaction

You need to know where your client needs to communicate with you, it could be Website, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp

Way of creation

The ways of creation can be done in two ways i.e. building a custom bot or a readymade.

Chatbot Marketing

Customization, creation and launch

To do this, you need to describe the algorithm, development of the database, answer the text later you can do testing to know everything is working properly.

Two different types of chatbots mainly worked upon the pre-prepared command and also trained.

  • Simple chatbots

They work on the pr-written keywords and each of these commands must be written by the developer by using regular expression and a form of string analysis.

  • Smart chatbots |Chatbot Marketing

Smart chatbots depend upon artificial intelligence whenever they are communicating with users.

There are many benefits of chatbots and it is also one of the marketing techniques that will be increased in the upcoming future.

How valuable Chatbots Application Are Towards Marketing?

There is the various application of chatbots that have been made an important role in marketing.

Reach Potential Customers | Chatbot Marketing

You must be aware of the fact that companies reach out to their target audience with the help of advertisements, flyers, calling.

In the case of outbound marketing, chatbots use is limited and hence they can be integrated with a pop-up ad.

This will make an easy for the customer, where one will click on the pop-up, chatbots will be able to make them aware of all the product and services of the website.

Generation Of Leads |Chatbot Marketing

Lead generation has always been the best step towards the growth of the brand and revenue. Chatbots can generate leads with the help of-

With the help of multiple surveys and asking a relevant question from the customers.

Helping customers to offer information about product and services.

Collection of information without the need for forms.

Offering Useful Information

With the help of chatbots, users can be redirected towards the website to which they are in a need of.

This can be done by collecting the prior information from the users to which they are looking for and then step can be taken.

In this users are easily transferred to the website to which they are in a need of.

Schedule Appointments

Here chatbots will be in use where they are offering ease for user to schedule an appointment. They can give you the information about the company location, timings and schedule an appointment.

Instant Customer Service | Chatbot Marketing

Improving the online customer experience they are found to be valuable in supporting any query towards the client.

They will be able to serve you 24×7.

Support in multiple languages

No transfer along with agents to any representative.

Collection Of Customer Reviews

No matter in which field of industry you are, reviews forms an essential base for any marketing technique.

Good reviews can build the brand reputation and credibility.


Many business owners are still fighting to know about chatbots and how can it be beneficial to them.

Also investing time and energy towards chatbots will help businesses to grow and achieve a higher rate.

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