The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023

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Web3 marketing is about using specific tools to help grow and measure your success in the world of Web3. We’ve covered best Web3 Marketing Tools, and these are different from traditional marketing because it involves unique activities and metrics that are specific to Web3.

To build an effective Web3 marketing stack, it’s best to connect with Web3 marketing experts and try out tools that help with creating content, building connections, and communicating within the community. While that’s the best approach, we can also offer some advice and suggestions that might be helpful.

Let’s explore The Top 12 Web3 Marketing Tools


Web3 Marketing Tool
TypeGrowth-as-a-Service (GaaS)
Services OfferedOrganic user growth for Web3 projects
Key HighlightsOver 19,000 Web3 parties served
100% permissionless
Templates for creating quests
Success Example156K impressions in a QuestN marketing initiative
WebsiteQuestN Website

QuestN, a Growth-as-a-Service platform, stands as the vanguard in enabling organic user growth for Web3 projects. With over 19,000 Web3 parties served, it’s a one-stop solution for amplifying your follower, user, and community numbers. QuestN’s unique value lies in its 100% permissionless nature, which allows you to create your community and post quests effortlessly. The platform’s effectiveness is underscored by its remarkable track record, such as the 156K impressions generated during a QuestN marketing initiative for Creditcoin. The tool’s versatility makes it a go-to choice for community building in the Web3 realm.


best Web3 Marketing Tool
TypeCampaign-based goals
Platforms SupportedVarious social platforms
Notable DifferencesSupports more diverse blockchain networks
Suitable for crossover campaigns
Success ExampleHigh number of likes in a Zest Protocol campaign
WebsiteGleam Website

Gleam shares the goal of enhancing your brand’s following by employing campaign-based goals. While it supports various social platforms, Gleam distinguishes itself from QuestN by catering to more diverse blockchain networks. It shines when you’re conducting crossover campaigns that target both Web3 and non-Web3 audiences. The ability to create a wide array of unique tasks across multiple platforms makes it an effective choice for engaging with a broader audience. Gleam’s track record of success in generating likes exemplifies its potential in elevating your Web3 marketing efforts.


The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeBlockchain data insights tool
Services OfferedIdentifying influencers and projects based on blockchain data
Key FunctionalityAnalyzing influencers’ on-chain activities
Tool for TrustHelps distinguish trustworthy influencers
WebsiteEtherscan Website

Etherscan serves as a potent tool for harnessing blockchain data to empower Web3 marketers and on-chain analysts. It aids in identifying influencers and projects worth partnering with based on their past on-chain activities. This is particularly valuable when planning a major marketing campaign that requires Crypto Twitter’s support. Etherscan’s ability to analyze the past on-chain activities of influencers can safeguard your project from potential scams and dubious partnerships. By checking the publicly known addresses of influencers, you can distinguish the trustworthy from the untrustworthy.


The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeCrypto influencer identification tool
Sorting OptionsSort influencers based on networks and tweet frequencies
Importance of FilteringCritical for selecting the right influencers
Key ConsiderationRelying on numerical metrics for ranking influencers
WebsiteInspect Website

Inspect offers a powerful solution for identifying top crypto influencers with just a few clicks. It allows you to sort influencers based on their preferred networks and tweet frequencies, making it easier to gauge their activeness and relevance to your project. However, a caveat with Inspect is its reliance on numerical metrics for ranking influencers. It’s important to filter influencers based on your project’s nature and goals to ensure that you’re investing wisely in the right influencers.

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeSearch feature within X
FunctionalityInvestigating influencers’ tweet history
ImportanceSafeguarding project reputation from scammers
Keywords for FilteringUtilizes keywords to filter scam-related content
Tool LinkX Advanced Search

X Advanced Search is an essential feature within X itself. It lets you delve into the past tweets of any profile, providing a means to thoroughly investigate an influencer’s tweet history. This tool is indispensable for maintaining trust and transparency in Web3 marketing, where association with known scammers can be detrimental. By using X Advanced Search to filter out common scam-related keywords, you can effectively safeguard your project’s reputation and credibility.


The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeVerification tool
Use CaseGranting membership and Discord access via NFT passes
Setup ProcessStreamlined setup via the Vulcan official website
ImportanceEnhances onboarding and adds security to communities
Tool LinkVulcan Website

Vulcan operates as a verification tool, rather than a direct marketing tool. It allows you to grant membership and Discord access to users based on allocated NFT passes. This streamlined process simplifies onboarding for new members and adds an extra layer of security to your community. Vulcan’s user-friendly interface ensures that you can quickly set up your server and define token-gated roles to manage your community effectively.


The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeForum platform for Web3 communities
Key UsesDeep engagement with community members, sharing information, and providing support
ApplicationShare on-chain proposals with token holders before governance voting
Ideal forBuilding relationships, fostering transparency, and enhancing community involvement

Discourse, a forum platform, is a favored choice among many Web3 communities. It provides a powerful medium for deeper engagement with community members, facilitating meaningful conversations and discussions beyond what is possible on platforms like Discord. This is particularly valuable when building relationships and promoting your product or service. Additionally, Discourse serves as the ideal platform for sharing on-chain proposals with token holders before governance voting, fostering transparency and community involvement.

Social Blade

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeSocial media analytics tool
CoveragePlatforms include YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram
Metric HighlightSubscriber count, view count, engagement rate, and estimated earnings
PurposeIdentifying influencers and tracking social media performance
WebsiteSocial Blade

Social Blade is a comprehensive social media analytics tool that allows you to track the growth and performance of social media accounts across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. It employs a grade system to quickly assess an influencer’s profile score. This makes it easier to identify influencers with large and engaged followings in the Web3 space. The tool is instrumental in identifying influencers and tracking key metrics such as subscriber count, view count, engagement rate, and estimated earnings. It enables you to make informed decisions about potential collaborations and assess the effectiveness of your social media strategies.

Hype Auditor

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeSocial media analytics tool
Platforms AnalyzedInstagram, YouTube, and TikTok
Metrics IncludedFake follower percentage, engagement rate, and average reach per post
SignificanceWeed out fake influencers in the Web3 space
WebsiteHype Auditor

Hype Auditor is a social media analytics tool designed to identify fake followers and influencers on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In the world of Web3, where authenticity is crucial, Hype Auditor’s ability to weed out fake influencers is invaluable. The tool provides metrics such as the percentage of fake followers, engagement rate, and average reach per post, allowing you to make more informed decisions when selecting influencers for your campaigns.

Dune Analytics

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeBlockchain data analytics platform
FunctionalityQuery and visualize blockchain data using SQL
User-DrivenCommunity-driven platform with pre-built dashboards and custom options
Value for Web3Use on-chain data as marketing collateral to showcase token strength
WebsiteDune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a versatile blockchain data analytics platform that empowers Web3 marketers to query and visualize data from the blockchain. It operates by extracting data from the blockchain and storing it in a database. This data can then be queried using SQL, enabling you to generate insights and visualize them through charts and graphs. Dune Analytics is a valuable tool for creating marketing collateral based on on-chain data, showcasing your project’s strength to potential token holders.

The Graph

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeDecentralized indexing protocol
Use CaseQuery difficult-to-access data on Ethereum and IPFS
Query LanguageGraphQL simplifies data retrieval for specific applications
Developer-CentricEnables the development of decentralized applications accessing blockchain data
WebsiteThe Graph

The Graph is a decentralized indexing protocol that facilitates querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. It enables you to query data that is challenging to access directly on the blockchain. Using the GraphQL query language, The Graph makes it easy to obtain data for specific applications. While similar to Dune Analytics, The Graph is more developer-centric, enabling the creation of decentralized applications that can access and query blockchain data efficiently.

Flipside Crypto

The Essential Web3 Marketing Tool for 2023
TypeBlockchain data analytics company
OfferingsData analysis, API, and structured data via Flipside Data Studio, API, and Flipside Shares
Data SourcesOn-chain, social media, and market data
User ApplicationsInvestors, traders, analysts, and developers leverage insights for decision-making and strategy
WebsiteFlipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto is a prominent blockchain data analytics company that offers insights into the cryptocurrency market. It provides various products and services, including Flipside Data Studio, an API, and Flipside Shares. These offerings enable users to analyze blockchain data, develop custom dashboards and reports, and access structured data from various sources, including on-chain, social media, and market data. Flipside Crypto is used by investors, traders, analysts, and developers to make informed decisions, develop trading strategies, write reports, and build applications.

Key Differences Between Web3 Marketing and Traditional Marketing

  • Marketing Activities: In Web3 marketing, you focus on activities that are tailored to the decentralized nature of Web3.
  • Tracking User Activities: You closely monitor what users are doing on the blockchain and related platforms.
  • Goal Completion: Your marketing efforts are geared towards achieving revenue-driven goals.
  • User Experiences: You pay attention to how users interact with your Web3 project.
  • Onboarding Journey: You carefully plan how users get started with your project.
  • Feedback and Improvements: You analyze user feedback and work on making improvements.

Web3 marketing involves a lot of data, both on-chain (recorded on the blockchain) and off-chain (outside the blockchain). This is important because it helps you track user interactions accurately. On-chain data is particularly valuable because

In the world of Web3 marketing, where being real, open, and using data for smart choices is super important, these 12 tools are like must-haves. They help folks who want their Web3 projects to do better. With these tools, they can make their communities stronger, team up with others in a good way, and make smarter choices to take their projects to new and exciting places in this new Web3 world. As Web3 keeps changing and growing, keeping up with the latest marketing tools is a big deal for success.


1. What is Web3 marketing, and how does it differ from traditional marketing?

Web3 marketing is marketing in a decentralized context, unlike traditional marketing. It uses on-chain data and emphasizes community engagement and transparency.

2. How can Web3 marketing tools like QuestN and Gleam help my project grow?

QuestN and Gleam boost your follower count and community engagement, with QuestN focusing on community building and Gleam offering flexibility for Web3 and non-Web3 audiences.

3. Why is on-chain data important in Web3 marketing, and how can tools like Etherscan assist?

On-chain data ensures transparency. Etherscan helps identify trustworthy influencers and projects by analyzing their past on-chain activities.

4. How can Vulcan be used as a Web3 marketing tool?

Vulcan simplifies onboarding by granting Discord access based on NFT passes, enhancing community security and control.

5. Why are social media analytics tools like Social Blade and Hype Auditor valuable in Web3 marketing?

Social Blade assesses influencer profiles, while Hype Auditor detects fake followers and influencers, ensuring authenticity and alignment with your project’s values.

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